Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Winding Up to Wind Back Down

I may no longer live in Minnesota but can I just let out a big ol UFF-DA?


 The last month has felt like a blur, but one that has been full of many changes sprinkled with laughs and familiar faces. I started a second job, moved into a house, had a weekend visitor, flew home to surprise my mom and flew to San Diego for our family reunion.

All this coming and going, packing and unpacking, has made me feel worn out yet overwhelmingly grateful and fortunate. I've been able to clink glasses with the best of the best, reminicing on past memories while in that moment making new ones. I have given hugs to the people I wish were geographically closer to me and belted out tunes in the car while the summer sun beats down on my left arm.

I have felt like the Energizer Bunny with no energy for the past 30 days but busy means I am living.

Will you join me?

Dance when your feet hurt because music is contagious and pick up extra shifts at work to pay off that last minute Vegas trip you booked. Add another scoop of ice cream to your cone because you are never going to look back and wish you hadn't. Brush up on your manners and make a difference in the world every single day.

Winding up to wind back down is a wave that I will continue to ride. A lack of sleep is tiring but that's why they invented triple shot Lattes and Melatonin to ignite your REM cycle.