Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bolder Boulder 2014

When my friend Michelle asked me to run Bolder Boulder with her, it didn't take me more than two seconds to RSVP. I ran the race last year and more than enjoyed the course, the atmosphere, and the free snack bag that awaited me at the finish line. The only draw back to the whole thing: having to set your alarm for 4:15am.

I didn't prepare for this race like I normally would. I went to a BBQ on Sunday night where I ate more than my stomach needed and drank a beer or two. I didn't get a good nights rest and when my alarm went off on Monday morning, I felt as though my head had just hit the pillow. Both Michelle and I were on the same page though. We both agreed that we would run this race for fun, stopping when we needed/wanted to and taking advantage of the random stops and foods along the course.

We had a little mix-up before we started (my wave was earlier than Michelle's) but we made the most of it and camped out at Starbucks for a little bit before making our way to the start line.

One reason I love this race is the random foods that people hand out. Our first bite mid-run: Doritos.

Another reason is the slip-n-slides that people set up. I remember regretting not doing this activity last year so when we reached the one below, there was no way I was going to pass it up (and I was taking Michelle down with me). 

This left us both soaking wet from head to toe for the last 3 miles of the race but we didn't care - those 5 seconds of being an absolute child was worth it!  

"Let us take a selfie"

We made it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello, Procrastination!

I told you last week that I was going to begin training for a marathon and that I was going to hold myself accountable and blog about my weekly workouts. Well, here we are. Two days into the second week of training and I have yet to blog about the first, so, feast your eyes on a lil recap of week 1.

Monday - 4 mile walk

Tuesday - Step & Strength, 3 mile run  

Wednesday - 5 mile run 

Thursday - 3 mile run 

Friday - rest

Saturday - 8 mile run 

Sunday - run to and from the gym (= 2 miles), lift 

Can I just say how great it is that it's the first day of work this week and it's not Monday - yeah! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


1. Thinking
…that I need to buy mace for my morning miles outside

2. Enjoying 

…the simple fact that it's my favorite day of the week

3. Feeling

…full! (just finished breakfast)

4. Wearing

…a robe 

5. Needing

…to start getting ready for work

6. Wanting

…to be at the lake

7. Listening

…to Al Roker try to tell a joke and failing miserably

8. Making

…a tentative itinerary for Miss B's bachelorette party!

9. Eating

…my favorite post-run trifecta - 2 rice cakes with PB2 and a banana

10. Drinking

…coffee. Duh! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Diary of a Rookie Marathoner

I have moved on from being only half crazy (running 13.1 miles) to full on crazy (running 26.2 miles). The transition came after my body was on endorphin overload shortly after running the Fargo half marathon, and I knew that if I didn’t sign up that second, my mind would quickly change and running a full would remain to collect dust on my bucket list.

I am following an 18-week Hal Higdon training schedule and vow to stick to it as closely as possible. Monday marked the first day of this journey and while making monthly calendars to stay organized, it dawned on me that this is going to be the biggest challenge I’ve taken on but one that I am ready to do!

Along with the physical side of it, I will be re-focusing on my nutrition. When doing the 100-day workout challenge, I felt that my eating habits spun out of control since I knew I was being active day in and day out. I would grab that handful (or five) of chocolate covered pretzels and get seconds (and thirds) when eating pasta, even though I knew I would regret the decision after the last swallow.

To help me with this part of training, I started reading Nutrition for Runners by Jeff Galloway. This book “is loaded with tips on what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and how to combine all that with your training schedule while still retaining the change to enjoy other aspects of your life.”

Being that this is my first marathon, I want to document my training for a couple of reasons:

  • -       Hold myself accountable
  • -       Stay motivated
  • -       Share my struggles/successes
  • -       See what my body can do

I will be posting every week leading up to race day (September 21st), recapping the week's workouts, discussing Jeff's book, and anything else that I feel is blog-worthy! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

No Stopping Here

I recently went back to the place where the landline phone rings, conversation about the crops and weather are overheard while at the corner coffee shop and waving to both friends and strangers is the norm. That short list is why I love going back home because it reminds me of how different it is than here. Every community has their own unique way of doing things, different views on the world and a certain characteristic that sets it apart from the next zip code over.

Going back to MN this time felt different. I saw things differently, heard things differently, soaked in moments differently.

I get asked all the time how long I will be in Denver and I can honestly say that this is not my home. With that said, though, my time here is not done. There is more adventure to be had, people to be met, challenges to be conquered and things about myself that I need to piece together. 

The future scares the living daylights out of me but I can’t wait. I look forward to seeing where my path takes me and where I will walk to next. There is still so much that I want to do and experience and live before God intertwines my life with another’s, that having patience in His plan is one (of the few things) that is constant and stable in my heart and mind. 

I don't need mountains to remind me that this world is beautiful and I don't need breweries to remind me that life is sweet. I need familiar faces to surround me, the stories I've lived to be shared, and the kind of laugh that stings my soul with utter happiness to be experienced. 

I love Colorado. I love Minnesota. And I love that I am fortunate enough to be able to say that. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dancing With Life

As year 2 in Colorado approaches, I feel like I'm just finding my groove in this once unfamiliar place. My favorite local spots have been found, my friendships have been weeded and watered, my hair stylist is only a text message away and I can get from point A to point B without the help of my phone.

If I could fall in love with one weekend in my life, it would be last weekend. It was full of sun and wine, laughs and smiles, Instagrams and hashtags, heels and dresses, freshly painted nails, aviators that never left my face and a sunburn. Ow.

I should inform you that I had quite a hiccup in my wonderful weekend on Saturday morning. While on my last long run before my race this Saturday, I…umm…biffed it pretty good on the sidewalk. Fortunately, the park right by my route was hosting a dog walk complete with a First Aid station and ambulance so I was able to get cleaned up. Unfortunately, blood was dripping on what seemed like half of my body as I ran to it which meant I received some pretty strange looks from people.

Then the hiccup got even bigger when I got in my car to go home and my battery was dead. A young couple was so great and helped jump it so I could drive to the auto shop to get a new battery. While there, I made friends with the 50 year old mechanic who told me (and drew a picture) what I should "feed my girlfriends" by the pool that afternoon.

The hiccup had passed once I was with my lady loves. 

Michelle and I thought it would be a great idea to jump in the freezing cold pool and joked after doing so that we had done the Polar Plunge. Brr.

Next up to make the weekend one for the books was my work function that was nothing like I have ever experienced before. 

This guy (Avalanche player Cory Sarich) has a daughter and son that attend my school. 

Sunday was another day at the pool followed by the Cinco De Mayo festival downtown.

So yeah, I guess you could say I'm going to keep dancing this dance : )

Monday, May 5, 2014

On Speed Dial

I am convinced that there are four things in life that should be on speed dial: your girlfriends, your mom, coffee, and fresh air. Since agreeing and succeeding in the WorkItOut100 challenge (which I still need to write about), I have never been so obsessed with being outside and moving.

Last Friday morning, I brewed a cup of coffee and invited it along as I walked the trail just steps out my front door. With Ed Sheeran singing and keeping me company, I walked for an hour beside the sun rising and the birds flying above. It was heavenly, refreshing, and mind-clearing.