Sunday, December 21, 2014

Memories Over Messes

I've always been more about making memories than making a mess of wrapping paper and bows and ribbon. Spending time with a person rather than with a plastic toy has and always will be more meaningful and memorable to me.

Last year I took K to see the Nutcracker Ballet and it's a night that we still talk about from time to time. The tutus and music and dancers are topics of conversation that bring smiles to our faces and words of "what a fun night that was" out of our mouths.

So this year we floated around ideas for our "night out" and decided on going to the Denver Zoo Lights, dinner, and a sleepover (which she was ECSTATIC about). I heard great things about the zoo lights so I was looking forward to our night just as much as she was! 

I didn't take any pictures of the lights but if I had to pick one word for what they looked like, it would magical. I felt like I was walking around a Hallmark Christmas movie with all the twinkly, pretty colored lights, music playing and signs for "Hot Cocoa This Way" every few steps. 

I never knew a little girl could change my life the way that K has. I count my blessings every night that I get to spend time with her everyday. The opportunity to see her grow into such a mature, responsible, charming young woman has been a gift in and of itself and something that will forever be engrained within me!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Are You Sick?

I'm on day 4 of riding a roller coaster of sickness. I stayed home Friday from work and watched, what I thought, was every Hallmark Christmas movie possible. On Saturday I started feeling better, despite a newly sore throat and smokers voice to follow, so ventured out of the house and ran errands until I had to sit down at the grocery store because I felt faint and hot, so back home to the couch it was. I woke up Sunday feeling the best I've felt in a week so went to church, cleaned the condo, and did some laundry. I had all intentions of going to work today and I have my packed lunch in the refrigerator to prove it. I got as far as putting on my mascara before I had to sit on my bed because I was seeing stars and both my ears were throbbing.

This bug that is sticking around is a sneaky one as I've felt better a number of times and then…BAM…it bites me again. So how do you know you're sick?

1. When you always start your morning with coffee so when you can't even finish a cup…you know you're sick.

2. When you use your hair as an eye mask because the thought of getting off the couch and getting yours in the bedroom seems too daunting of a task…you know you're sick.

3. When you have watched so many Christmas movies that you begin to see that they are all the same actors, just cycling through the different movies…you know you're sick.

I see you Candace Cameron.

4. When you have also watched so many Christmas movies that you know the plot before the first actor appears on screen. A snobby, high-profile woman is engaged to an attractive business man until she is plopped in some remote location due to whatever circumstance and falls in love with a kind-hearted mountain man who happens to run a children's shelter or is a volunteer firefighter…you know you're sick.

5. When you are bored enough to make a list like this…you know you're sick.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Recipe: Pumpkin Dip

I brought this dip to my work Christmas party last night and it was a total hit! After taking one bite, everyone was asking me what was in it and how to make it. 

With simple ingredients and less than 5 minutes to make, this is the perfect appetizer to bring to any party or occasion. Bonus points: 1/4 cup is only 117 calories!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Scramble

1. I've been wanting to write up something similar to this after completing my marathon back in September, so when I recently read Lisa's from Running Out Of Wine, she hit the nail on the head and took the words out of my mouth. I agree with them all!

Why Everyone Should Run a Marathon

2. #Elf4Health has been such a fun holiday challenge. My partner is wonderful and I am connecting and forming friendships with other women participating, too. Last week, one of our challenges was a buddy workout. I knew K (girl I nanny for) would be my "buddy" so I created this workout for us to do. She loved it! 

3. I received my Blue Apron box yesterday and you would have thought it was Christmas morning at my house. The meals for the week sound delicious and I can't wait to start cooking them up! Will post a full review about it all at the end of the week. 

4. Thursday night I was needing a sweaty workout (they just feel good, right?), so I put together this 45-minute interval treadmill gig. Don't let those 4mph intervals fool you! Walking on an 8 incline is no joke! 

Happy Saturday!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bolder Bands Review (+ G I V E A W A Y!) CLOSED

Congratulations to the newest Bolder Band owner…JENNIFER! 

Please e-mail me by Friday so I can send you your headband as soon as possible! Thank you to all who participated in this giveaway - more in the future! Stay tuned! 


I don’t know about you but I personally can’t stand hair in my face. Whether I’m working out or working, my hair is either bobby pinned back or in a ponytail. I'm not usually one for headbands but when I was sent a couple to review (and giveaway!!) from Bolder Band, I was more than willing to try one out and see if they would change my mind.
I wore mine to Turbo Kick yesterday morning and after adjusting it a couple times, I found a "sweet spot" that was comfortable. The first thing I noticed was that it wasn't too tight, something I HATED when wearing headbands as a little girl because it would give me headaches. The Bolder Band can be adjusted in width for different looks and comes in a variety of colors and sizes, too! 

Now it's time for another G I V E A W A Y ! 

How to enter:

1. (Mandatory) Browse through the Bolder Band website and leave a comment telling me which one of their products you would love!
2. (Brownie Points) Follow me on twitter (@p_s_wywh) and retweet my tweet (say that 10 times fast) about this giveaway!

I'll choose a random winner on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd. so make sure to check back here to see if you're the winner!