Sunday, November 18, 2012


a picture walk of my week: baking, red face, & One Republic

Monday afternoon was spent in the kitchen whipping up another loaf of Quinoa Banana Bread. 

Except this time it wasn't for me! 

Tuesday morning I met some friends for coffee at Stella's. If you live in Denver and haven't been, I highly recommend it!

How could I not stay there and do some writing? Sorry Starbucks, this is me cheating on you. 

My boss brought this lil guy to me on Wednesday at work (hair flip). 

Switched things up for lunch on Friday from the usual salad with chicken to a Chicken Shawarma Wrap. Holy YUM!

Saturday afternoon shopping at my favorite grocery store buying ingredients for...

Pumpkin Protein Bars (email to get the recipe!)

My motivation to hit the gym this morning. Naturally, this is what did it. 

Red face and sweat means it was a success! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

slowing down the rush

There are things we don’t have that we will never have and then there are things we don’t have that just take time to acquire. She had what I wanted but  I knew there was no way I could make it happen. Yet.

Ambition, independence, beauty, strong friendships, a Christian faith --- she possessed all those and I craved them for my own life. I wanted to be part of a group of girls who could go out on a Friday night and sit together at church on Sunday morning. I wanted a job that challenged me and rewarded me with a raise and I wanted my hair to be long and worthy of the twirl curl just like hers. I felt jealous and angry and selfish as I wanted those things and I wanted them to show up at my doorstep that day. My mom calls it instant gratification; I call it helping the postal service stay open.

I had one of those moments at church this Sunday where my wants came full circle and suddenly made perfect and utter sense. After a weekend spent with new friends, ones that I laughed and danced and smiled with, I looked to my left and to my right, and those same friends were sitting next to me in the pew. If hearts could do somersaults, mine did fifty. I was that woman that I wanted to be 5 months prior. 

First came the sermon.

“…We need to stop continually working as machines and put humanity back in our everyday conversation. Connect with God to work with others. What’s the thing you can’t stop doing? Find what it is you love to do and make it your job.”

And then came the prayer following the sermon.

“…God, show us everyday what our calling is. What is that one thing we should be doing to help others grow and make a difference?”

Hands crossed, eyes closed. Tears started to well up as He made it clear what I was meant to do with my time here. What I saw in my head at that moment will never be erased from my memory and either will this whole episode all together. All I saw in my head were three letters:


Goosebumps shot up like weeds and an overwhelming yet calm feeling rushed through me. That was my calling. That is my calling. Writing, sharing, helping, inspiring, being there for others, that’s what I live and breathe for. High five God, you kind of-sort of rocked my face off this Sunday.

Rushing and hurrying through this one life we have leaves us feeling unaccomplished and empty if we really slow down and ponder it. We have these grand visions of all the things we want and if they aren’t in arms reach, we feel like a failure. You may not have your ideal job or that close knit group of friends. You may still be listening for your calling or wondering when your relationship with God will starting forming. Beautiful dreams aren’t crafted over night. Life is a journey, a winding path-rocky road-detour filled road trip. Keep working towards your aspirations because one day you will look back and realize that they have all come true. 

Thank you:
To Carli for being the woman that I looked up to without barely even knowing you. Thank you for joining me on this crazy awesome adventure that we call Styled With Strength. You are helping me live out my dream and are the best co-worker to date. You have made me a better writer, thinker, do-er, and most importantly, a better person. I don’t know if the fact that we talk more than most people in relationships do is sad or cute, but I don’t hate it.

 To my Arizona girls for adopting me and showing me that new friendships are never far away. Through our coffee dates, walks around the park, talks before bed, hanging around the kitchen sipping wine, and everything else we have done in the two short weeks I have known you, I am continually blessed and thankful for each and every one of you (even if you make me say “bag” and “roof” purely for your entertainment).

Sunday, November 11, 2012


a picture walk of my week: fashion shows, pajamas, & carb-loading

I swear my church doubles as hosting a Fashion Show every Sunday. I have given a compliment every week to a girl on her outfit because it's just too adorable not to. So, behold my Sunday best. 

I spent my Sunday afternoon at the grocery store to stock up for the week. Notice SWS' bad food in my kitchen makes it easier to eat healthy! 

Carb loading reason other than I was craving pasta. 
Pictured: 1 serving whole wheat noodles, 1 cup steamed broccoli, chicken breast, sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, & a cup of Almond Milk

Tuesday morning was spent doing laundry, running the dishwasher, and cleaning the fridge. Glamorous, I know. 

The fact that I can wear this to work is pretty freakin' awesome. 

Thursday morning was a mixture of highs and lows --- ones that will go unmentioned. However, I am continually thankful that I take my stress and bad emotions out at the gym and not on my credit card (well, sometimes). 

Another glamorous shot of my life. Friday morning yoga in my living room wearing my pajamas. I'm just too high maintenance sometimes (is that why I'm single?). 

Friday night was spent with newly met friends who are quickly (very quickly) becoming the most favorite people I have ever crossed paths with. 

Saturday night was round 2 with the above mentioned favorite people. Stay tuned for a blog post involving these girls tomorrow!

When I was leaving my friends house this morning, I had the whole oh my gosh I'm going to have to wear my boots from last night with my sweatpants moment. GLAMOR. 

Alright folks, that's a wrap! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I enjoy...

1. A card in the mail that made me laugh and cry and really miss the person who sent it. 

2. A WoodWick candle that smells of amazingness from a person who is amazing. 

3. A coffee mug from Anthropologie that makes my heart happy. 

4. A new book that has been the perfect read while cuddled up on the couch with a blanket.

Friday, November 2, 2012


A picture walk of my week: caffeine, 25 lbs, & a box

My bed transforms quite nicely in to my desk when I write

Crap, I'm turning in to my mom. Cards on the counter for all to see! 

My church participates in Operation Christmas Child. Any ideas as to what I should fill this box with? 

There are certain things I procrastinate on but getting a planner for the new year is not one of them!  

Muscle is in. 

Bye-bye chipped baby blue cover and hello pretty, shiny, new red cover!

Met my friend Heidi for coffee and a walk in the park this morning. Yep, pretty perfect start to the weekend if I do say so myself! 

Decided to throw a party in my hair today. I've gotten 3 compliments and 1 of which was from a 45 year old male. Hmm...thanks?