Friday, August 9, 2013

Need Me to Fluff Your Pillows?

Last weekend was memorable; having my niece sleepover for the first time, seeing her running around with excitement amongst the flowerbeds, laughing at my nephew in Victoria's Secret as he rolled his eyes and sat on the floor, getting my nails done with my sister-in-law and talking "real talk" with my brother.  Long story short, enjoying and savoring and soaking in every single moment with my family. 

The hardest thing about me being here and them being there is just that. I never knew how much of an impact living in the same town as your family can have and how a short 2 minute drive to see them is one of the top things I would miss day in and day out. 

But I love that they came to visit and I look forward to many more weekends in Denver with them and whoever else wishes to come. I'm proud of my new city, the people in it and the beautiful scenery in which I am surrounded by. 

Whose next? I'm ready to fluff your pillows!

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