Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Smackin' Cakes : Coffee & Crumbs

It goes without saying that I love my coffee and I love the lakes, so when my mom and I drove down Lake Avenue in Battle Lake and saw a new store that combined those things, we made a mother-daughter morning out of it. 

While I sipped my coffee and she enjoyed her bagel, we both sounded like a broken record because we kept looking around saying, "this is just so cute in here!", which it was! From the color scheme to the furniture to the presentation of all the yummy baked goods, it looked like something straight out of Martha Stewart Living

Last week I had the opportunity to interview Sara, the owner of Smackin' Cakes! 

How long has Smackin' Cakes been in business? 

Our grand opening was May of this year. 

How did Smackin' Cakes get started? 

We use to have a gift shop in this same building for 5 years but got a little bored with it and I always wanted to have a coffee shop (and cupcakes as an added bonus!). As owners of Stella's next door, we use to have both the restaurant with a coffee shop inside, too, but because we became so busy with both, we decided to close the coffee shop and focus on the restaurant. I've always wanted a cute little shop on main street and looking around Smackin' Cakes, I think I got it!

What does Smackin’ Cakes specialize in/sell?

Coffee, latte's, blended drinks, and smoothies along with our baked goods such as cupcakes, bars, different kinds of sweet little treats, and our famous scones.

What makes your scones famous?

We've had them around for 8 years and not a day goes by that customers don't ask about them!

What is your most popular selling item?

Our Blueberry Almond Scones as well as our Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake. 

Is everything baked in-store or do you bring them in from somewhere?

Everything is made right here except for the bagels. 

Does Smackin’ Cakes just sell baked goods and coffee? 

No. We have a gift shop located in the back of the store that has Battle Lake/Minnesota clothing, home/cabin decor, candles, etc.

What do you suggest someone order if they have never been to Smackin’ Cakes?

Definitely a scone and blended latte. Also, our cupcakes are out of this world! You can custom order cupcakes (24-48 hrs in advance) for any kind of occasion!

Anything else that you would like to share about Smackin’ Cakes?

You know when you walk into a place and it just doesn't feel right? That's not the case when you walk through our door. We spent over a year shopping around for vintage pieces and decor, and I just really love how it turned out. It's comfortable and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Smackin' Cakes is located at 114 Lake Avenue South in Battle Lake, MN. 
They are open Monday-Sunday 7am-8pm. 
(218) 862-4900
Want seconds? Check them out on Facebook!


  1. Those look so yummy! The salted chocolate caramel cupcakes sounds scrumptious... :)

    1. The name of them just makes me melt! YUM!