Friday, January 25, 2013

training wheels

Whether you are 25 or 85, they are still with you. They are riding "shot gun" as you follow along your path. The same path that at times is paved so smoothly, leaving you with such confidence and drive, teasing you with the illusion that you are fearless and untouched. Then comes a detour, a bump in the road that causes you to lose your balance and stride. You fall down. Scrapping your knees, bruising your hands and getting a taste of a big 'ol slice of humble pie.

We all have different training wheels. Like first dates, no two are the same. We all resort to various things to get us back on our path and keep us moving forward. Work, yoga, faith, bubble baths, family, running, friends, writing, painting, sports, reading. Whether you turn to a cup of coffee or go swing your club at the driving range, clearing your mind and putting the focus back on your story is key.

Never lose sight of the vision you have for your time here. When that vision gets blurry, put on your training wheels and ride Sally ride (yep, that happened). There are endless people and things and activities that are here to help you wipe off your glasses and make you see that your life is a wonderful thing, just waiting to be lived and played with.

Dust off your bike, put on your training wheels, buckle up your helmet, and go


  1. So true . . . love you! Mom

  2. Mom,
    You can't be Anonymous if you write your name at the end.

    -Anonymous son

    1. I didn't want to be anonymous but couldn't "sign in" any other way, Mr. Anonymous Son!