Saturday, February 23, 2013

office space


Me. And strangers. But the kind of strangers that feel like friends and family without exchanging a single word.


I come here to write. The atmosphere is loud and busy yet when I get in my zone, bitches better watch out. I type and type and type. Thoughts start dancing around in my head and my fingers can't keep up. I sip my coffee, crack my knuckles, and go at it again. Breaks include checking my phone (because even though it didn't vibrate, we are all guilty to hopelessly thinking we might have missed it go off), going to the bathroom (coffee, remember?), and simply taking in the conversations around me (without looking like a total ease dropper). 


Wash Perk.  I survey the room and know no one yet I feel right at home. I'm sitting on a couch in the corner with a cute boy studying for an upcoming Stats test sitting next to me, the pregnant friends are exchanging their nerves and fears about their upcoming deliveries, all while splitting a Blueberry Scone, and two older men are talking about plumbing and drywall. Oh, apparently Star Wars just slipped in to the conversation, too. 


Looking for me on Saturday mornings? I'll be on the corner of Ohio and Emerson. Ok, not on the corner but by the corner. This ain't no 2013 version of Pretty Woman, people! 


How do I afford this? I don't. For my birthday, my mom gave me a Gift Card for a generous amount to Wash Perk. It's tied with the Princess Di Beanie Baby for  "best present ever".

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