Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Run-day

The plan was to do a workout at Red Rocks with friends this morning but when I awoke to rain and a text saying we were no longer going, I turned off my alarm and enjoyed a slow and steady morning. Still sleepy and half out of it, I somehow managed to make a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee, all while trying to not wake the rest of the house. Takes talent, people.

I signed up for my 4th Half Marathon about a month ago and realized that I should probably start training for it. I've taken a bit of a hiatus from running and have been focusing more on lifting and mainly just giving my left knee a break.

With the temp around 70 degrees and a cloudy sky above, I decided to hit the park for a run. I was curious to see how far I could go and better yet, how far my knee would allow me to go. I'm 24 and have knee problems so that's really fun and gives me hope of surgery free years ahead.....sigh.....

Finished at 8 miles to round out my Sunday Run-day. Miles 1-3 felt like they were taking forever, miles 3-6 went by in a snap, and miles 6-8 I merely wanted to stop 1209381092 times. The joys of running and your mind playing tricks on you! 

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  1. helllllp. i need to hit 8 pronto. probably going to have to be postponed until me and my 1298732895798 possessions have arrived in Omaha! good thing I have such awesome inspiration all the time!