Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Windex, Anyone?

When my camera is in hand, my eyes search for the dirtier things in life like tree trunks and overgrown grass, fences with chipped paint and bicycles whose pedals have been vacant for years.  I crouch down, capturing the way the vines twist and turn and how a single yellow flower amongst a bed of weeds is somehow strikingly rare and beautiful.

But then my camera is set back in it's case and my eyes are focused on the dirtier things in my life.  The questions, worries, uncertainties, fears, all of it begins and the search for the end is no where in my line of vision.  I realize that as much as these things are messy, it is only I who can clean them up.  No outside lens can capture the things I want and hope for myself.  Only me.  So I wake up each morning, determined to make the day great, and I go to bed each night, praying for trust and some Windex to help make my journey a little more clear. 

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