Monday, October 20, 2014

Denver Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Alternate Title: My most dreaded race ever. 

About six months ago, a group of friends asked if I wanted to run the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, so I signed up and didn’t think twice about it. I figured since it was a month after my Marathon, I would be trained and 13.1 miles would be a breeze! Wrong. So, so wrong.

Ever since my Marathon, I’ve had such “bad vibes” towards running and truly miss doing it for enjoyment and not because I have to in order to finish a race without crossing the finish line looking like a panting dog. I was a complete Negative Nancy this past week and told my friends repeatedly that we should bundle up and cheer on the runners while holding a nice, big cup of coffee! They agreed to disagree and reminded me that we didn't spend an absurd amount of money on the race entry for nothing. True. So, so true. 

The course had more hills than I was expecting and with each new one on the horizon, I let out an "OH MY GOD!" because that made it a little easier for .3 seconds. By mile 10, I was beyond checked out and began praying for a freak blizzard calling for an immediate cancel of the race. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. 

But, like all races, the finish line appeared and I crossed that baby with a smile on my face and an eye on the free chocolate milk ahead of me! 

7 Half Marathons now in the rearview mirror!

As much as I was dreading these 13.1 miles, it was a great morning for a run alongside two of my greatest friends! 

From our first race (10k) together in 2010 to a handful of Half and Full Marathons later! Can we take a moment of silence for our "running apparel" in the top picture? My eyes are burning at the sight of our cotton shirts and soccer shorts. Bleh!

The rest of the day looked a little something like this...

…and I welcomed it with open arms.

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