Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Health Hero

An e-mail ended up in my inbox that was unlike all the rest. It wasn’t a Facebook notification or a payment reminder for my upcoming credit card bill, but this piece of mail was from Andrea, the Outreach Coordinator for Oscar Insurance. Having never heard of this company, I did some research a.k.a type 'Oscar Insurance' into Google, and stumbled upon an article written about them in Forbes Magazine. If your company has an article in Forbes Magazine, you must be doing something everything right.

Oscar Insurance serves and provides insurance to those in New York and New Jersey. If you would like to learn more about this up and coming company, please visit there website for more information!

Andrea’s request was simple:

We know firsthand the importance of having the proper tools, motivation and support to make healthy choices, so we're asking a group of influential bloggers like yourself to tell us about a person in your life that helps you do just that -- who is your #HealthHero? Whether it's your running partner who keeps you going, your mom who still reminds you to eat your veggies, or even your dog, Tommy, who's always there to put a smile on your face. We want to hear about the people (or pets!) in your life that help keep you healthy and happy.”

My #HealthHero is a person who continually goes “up to bat” for me time and time again. Whether it is planned, at the drop of a pin, or when I don’t even expect it, she’s there cheering me on through the ups and downs that everyday events bring.

She walks next to me when my own path is dimly lit.
No matter the circumstance I'm under, she is the light to keep me moving forward and reminding me that "this too shall pass". 

She encourages me to be better, get stronger, push farther.
I am inspired by her to continue to seek out the things I love and do them wonderfully. 

She is selfless and patient when I am stressed and frazzled.
I tend to run my engine pretty hot and she is the one that tells me to turn it off and take a break. 

She reminds me to love myself (and not just the outfit I’m wearing that day). To really love ME – how I treat my body, the way I perceive myself, and practicing positive self-talk instead of negative.
Being a woman is hard work. There are standards we all try to live up to yet I am always feeling like they are never within reach. I can always count on her to send me random texts of motivation, compliments, and ones that say "just eat the damn dessert - you deserve it!"

She is next to me on the running trails, the chairs at church, and at the dinner table.
Running with her is similar to a comedy show which makes the time go by faster as well as my pace. She helps me to break down the walls that I build for myself and is my sister in Christ. We fill our tummies with healthy dinners on the weekends because we know that McDonald's won't allow us to live next door to each other at 100 years old. 

Being healthy is more than just exercising; it's the teamwork of our minds and bodies working together to live a life that is full of positivity and balance. Let's continue to spread the word about the importance of healthy living by celebrating the people in our lives who help us take care of ourselves! With that said…T H A N K S  M E L !

P.S. Who is your Health Hero? Comment below!

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