Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Scramble

1. I've been wanting to write up something similar to this after completing my marathon back in September, so when I recently read Lisa's from Running Out Of Wine, she hit the nail on the head and took the words out of my mouth. I agree with them all!

Why Everyone Should Run a Marathon

2. #Elf4Health has been such a fun holiday challenge. My partner is wonderful and I am connecting and forming friendships with other women participating, too. Last week, one of our challenges was a buddy workout. I knew K (girl I nanny for) would be my "buddy" so I created this workout for us to do. She loved it! 

3. I received my Blue Apron box yesterday and you would have thought it was Christmas morning at my house. The meals for the week sound delicious and I can't wait to start cooking them up! Will post a full review about it all at the end of the week. 

4. Thursday night I was needing a sweaty workout (they just feel good, right?), so I put together this 45-minute interval treadmill gig. Don't let those 4mph intervals fool you! Walking on an 8 incline is no joke! 

Happy Saturday!


  1. I am going to have to give that treadmill workout a try- I always get so bored on the treadmill, so this should liven things up a bit ;)

    1. Get ready to sweat! Let me know how it went!