Monday, December 15, 2014

Are You Sick?

I'm on day 4 of riding a roller coaster of sickness. I stayed home Friday from work and watched, what I thought, was every Hallmark Christmas movie possible. On Saturday I started feeling better, despite a newly sore throat and smokers voice to follow, so ventured out of the house and ran errands until I had to sit down at the grocery store because I felt faint and hot, so back home to the couch it was. I woke up Sunday feeling the best I've felt in a week so went to church, cleaned the condo, and did some laundry. I had all intentions of going to work today and I have my packed lunch in the refrigerator to prove it. I got as far as putting on my mascara before I had to sit on my bed because I was seeing stars and both my ears were throbbing.

This bug that is sticking around is a sneaky one as I've felt better a number of times and then…BAM…it bites me again. So how do you know you're sick?

1. When you always start your morning with coffee so when you can't even finish a cup…you know you're sick.

2. When you use your hair as an eye mask because the thought of getting off the couch and getting yours in the bedroom seems too daunting of a task…you know you're sick.

3. When you have watched so many Christmas movies that you begin to see that they are all the same actors, just cycling through the different movies…you know you're sick.

I see you Candace Cameron.

4. When you have also watched so many Christmas movies that you know the plot before the first actor appears on screen. A snobby, high-profile woman is engaged to an attractive business man until she is plopped in some remote location due to whatever circumstance and falls in love with a kind-hearted mountain man who happens to run a children's shelter or is a volunteer firefighter…you know you're sick.

5. When you are bored enough to make a list like this…you know you're sick.

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