Sunday, December 21, 2014

Memories Over Messes

I've always been more about making memories than making a mess of wrapping paper and bows and ribbon. Spending time with a person rather than with a plastic toy has and always will be more meaningful and memorable to me.

Last year I took K to see the Nutcracker Ballet and it's a night that we still talk about from time to time. The tutus and music and dancers are topics of conversation that bring smiles to our faces and words of "what a fun night that was" out of our mouths.

So this year we floated around ideas for our "night out" and decided on going to the Denver Zoo Lights, dinner, and a sleepover (which she was ECSTATIC about). I heard great things about the zoo lights so I was looking forward to our night just as much as she was! 

I didn't take any pictures of the lights but if I had to pick one word for what they looked like, it would magical. I felt like I was walking around a Hallmark Christmas movie with all the twinkly, pretty colored lights, music playing and signs for "Hot Cocoa This Way" every few steps. 

I never knew a little girl could change my life the way that K has. I count my blessings every night that I get to spend time with her everyday. The opportunity to see her grow into such a mature, responsible, charming young woman has been a gift in and of itself and something that will forever be engrained within me!

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