Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trades of Hope

Today I interviewed Jodee Iten who is a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope. I have known Jodee since I was little and our families are close friends. Trades of Hope empowers women out of poverty in 11 different countries around the world.

When was Trades of Hope started?
Trades of Hope was founded in 2010 by two women and their two daughters. The founders have met with people from each of our 21 artisan groups in 11 different countries (including the USA) to provide beautiful fair trade, handmade jewelry, scarves, handbags, and home decor. The Home Team is in Palm Coast, Florida and we just reached 1,000 Compassionate Entrepreneurs throughout the US.  The company is looking to grow, so if you want to join a company basically from the ground floor and help women around the globe, now is the time!

Who are you helping and how are they being paid?
We help women in 3rd world countries out of poverty so they can feed, clothe and educate their families; in Haiti women often have to give up their children simply because they can not feed them; keep women out of the sweatshops & sex trade; and many women who have overcome difficult health situations like women who are cured from leprosy, but are still shunned by their families or women who have been attacked by acid. It is hard to imagine what all of these women have been through and struggle with each day! Most women in 3rd world countries make $2/day. Our artisans are paid their asking price which is typically 2-6x what they would normally make (ex. $10-$14/day) and are paid using fair trade guidelines. The artisans are paid per piece and paid upfront.  So if TOH has a sale, it is our company that is taking the discount and the artisans are still being paid their normal pay. In 2014, Trades of Hope employed 6,585 artisans and it is said for every woman in poverty she will bring 4 family members or people in her community with her and we impacted 26, 612 lives!

Why did you join Trades of Hope?
I had hosted an online party for a friend last June and I fell in love with the mission of the company, helping women less fortunate than me, yet are still mother's just like me, and I loved all of the jewelry I ordered. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years and was looking for something I could do for myself, work flexible hours, yet still stay home with my 3 children! I joined in August of last year and I have LOVED every part of my journey with Trades of Hope so far!

How can you be involved with Trades of Hope?
JOIN- We are always looking to grow our sisterhood and spread the mission of Trades of Hope and ultimately make a larger impact on our artisans around the world.
HOST- You can host an online Facebook party, a catalog party or an in home party and invite your friends and family to help make an impact.
SHOP-  You can shop from someone's party like Carrie is having or from my website any time.  Each purchase makes a BIG impact.

If you want to be a part of Carrie's party from Jan 16th-Jan 26th you can shop at:

If you are interested in learning more about Trades of Hope you can contact Jodee at:

Jodee Iten
Cell: 704-560-5864
FB Page: Jodee Iten - Trades of Hope

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