Saturday, March 21, 2015

Power of Feeling Beautiful

I love winter for a couple of reasons but my skin saying goodbye to hydration is not one of them. There are many products on the market that target dry, cracked skin, but today I am sharing with you a brand that specifically addresses these issues in a safe, effective, and helpful way! 

Lindi Skin uses the most healing botanicals and antioxidants to give you ultra-hydration, protection, and life back into your skin. Currently, there are 12 products in their line ranging from $10-$40. As a young adult, I can swipe my card for those prices! >insert "Amen!"<

I was sent four of their most popular products to try. While spring may have sprung, my skin is still in "winter mode" so I was eager to try these and (fingers crossed) see if they made a difference. 

Lindi Face Wash - $22

"The Face Wash is a gentle alternative to soap that works to achieve optimal PH balance"

My Thoughts: I felt that the face wash did make a difference in the appearance of my skin. The smell reminded me of a pool filled with a little too much chlorine, but other than that, I felt refreshed going to bed each night knowing that I had a clean and hydrated face to hit the pillow with!

Lindi Citrus Face Serum - $40

"The Serum is formulated with the highest concentration of Lindi Skin's proprietary LSA Complex ®, replete with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins"
My Thoughts: This is hands down my favorite product of the group! It is slightly comical how much I look forward to using it after the Lindi Face Wash. The citrus smell leaves me feeling calm, relaxed, and like I am getting a spa treatment within the four-walls of my little condo bathroom. I did have to put on my regular face lotion after as once the Serum settled, my skin felt a little dry, however hydration could very well not be the main intent of it?!

Lindi Lip Balm - $10

"The Lip Balm is a compact solution for lip care and easily fits into a pocket or handbag for easy access"

My Thoughts: I've never been a fan of lip balms that I have to apply with my finger, so truthfully I used this once and that was it. 

Lindi Eye Hydrator - $30

"The Eye Hydrator is designed to soothe dryness in the sensitive area around the eyes. It is an extremely nutrient rich gel that reduces puffiness and improves skin tone"

My Thoughts: I use the Eye Hydrator in my morning routine in hopes that my peers won't have the urge to tell me that I look like I could use 5 more hours of sleep. You don't need much of the gel as a lot goes a long way, making me believe this product won't need to be replaced too often! 

Whether you are dealing with winter skin, older skin, general skin rashes, allergy-prone skin, bad sun and wind burns or any other various skin-conditions, I would recommend you try Lindi Skin. To read more about the products and the founder/creator of them, check out their website.

While you are browsing their site, Lindi Skin was kind enough to give my readers a 25% off code and *free* shipping to use for ALL PRODUCTS! The company will also make a donation to the American Cancer Society's "Look Good, Feel Better" program for every purchase through May 31st. I heart that a million and one times!

Discount Code: BLOG25

Disclaimer: While this post is sponsored by Lindi Skin, I am not receiving any compensation for orders placed with Lindi Skin. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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