Saturday, March 28, 2015

Removing the Just

My friend and I worked tirelessly on a Monday evening. It wasn’t an easy task for me to break down my resume and build it back up. I treated it like an old, worn out barn nestled in the country. Once a structure with use and potential was now an eyesore with no given attention. I’m not one to boost about myself so when Jess was making me sound like an A+++++ human being, I had to remind her that I’m just Carrie, from Moorhead, MN, who wants to be a teacher.

“Carrie, you’re not just anyone. You’re not just a paraprofessional. You’re not just one of the most thoughtful women in my life. You’re not just a sister and daughter and niece.”

She’s right. I’m not, we are not, just a person. We are so, so much more valuable than that. 

What if we had to keep a life resume for God? Sharing those adventures we’ve taken when we push ourselves outside our comfort zone, how we are using our talents to their full extent and on the flip side, why we aren’t lending a helping hand to those in need and what we are doing spending our money on an overly priced salad from Starbucks because we forgot to pack our lunch.

Meet yourself where you are. Break down your days past– reflect and remember and replay – and from here on out, build it back up to a life that is full of spontaneity, adventure, love, and faith. We are not “just” a body moving from one place to another. We are people that deserve genuine and true love. We are people that need to help each other navigate through the storms and buy balloon bouquets for the celebrations. We are treasures; children of God that need to not forget why we are here.

Dust off your lens and what do you see?

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