Thursday, March 12, 2015

How It Should Be

I've recently been diagnosed with what doctors are calling a Happiness Hangover. I would like to think I am fairly educated, so I took it upon myself to inform you of this recently discovered illness. Side note: this is one hangover that can't be solved by waking up the next morning and immediately drinking to cover up the hangover that is soon approaching your body. 

Symptoms:Happiness Hangover symptoms make you feel like you won a Grammy and then got it revoked for lip-synching at your concerts. You will scroll through your iPhone photos to remember the fun you recently had, only to realize those photos are in the past and you're going to be late for work if you keep staring at them. Speaking of work, it may take you a while to remember that vacations do end and you will need to get reacquainted with your alarm.

Causes:Time with the people in life that just get you; doing things you love, eating things you love, drinking beer you love (that isn't sold in Coloradoyeah, I'm looking at you Michgolden). Whatever it may be, you had a dang good time and wish your calendar was filled with more of it.

Overview:Plain and simple, you had a weekend with "your people" and hey, maybe strangers you met that turned out to be pretty nice company. You laughed like you did when you were younger, watching Even Stevens, and you didn't turn down Mini Donuts at the Excel Energy Center because they were coated in sugar and according to society, that's a sin these days. 

How I came down with Happiness Hangover...

Mall of America 

Papa Stav suggested coffee before a day at the mall. He's a keeper! 


The faces I got when I asked them to "get together and smile!"


Life was how it should be. 

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