Sunday, August 5, 2012

a pinch of this, a dash of that

Recipe for a perfect Sunday

In one day, combine the following ingredients:

1. Dress up "just because". Throw on a LBD, a pair of heels, accessories, & whip out that curling iron.
2. Grab a coffee & head to church.
3. Run a couple errands & slowly start to wonder if it's normal that your calves are already starting to hurt from wearing heels.
4. Roam around Barnes & Noble for an hour. Gather a few books & find a quiet place to skim through them.
5. Head home & start laundry. All 3 loads of it.
6. Mow the grass "just because" you want to be outside & enjoy the sunshine.
7. Debate between cooking dinner or picking up something. Picking up something means spending money & spending money on overpriced food that I could make at home seems silly. Opt for a home cooked meal. On the menu tonight was grilled chicken breast, quinoa, a little bbq sauce, & corn.
8. Since you are too ansy, write a blog post & post it before the day is even over.

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