Monday, August 20, 2012

you can find me in st.lou-a

In the last 72 hours I:

Drove to the cities
Met 2 friends from college for coffee in the cities
Flew to St. Louis
Went to Jefferson City
Jammed out to Celine Dion
Attended a bridal shower for Lauren
Met 15 of her friends
Drank a Pina Colada by the pool
Ate rum infused gummie bears
Started & joined a new sorority
Successfully used the "buddy system" & spent no $ on drinks. High five!
Danced my face off
Ate breakfast at McDonald's post-Bachelorette party
Flew back to Minneapolis
Bought a coffee at 9pm to make sure I could drive the whole way home
Got a suprise visit from one of my best friends once I pulled in the driveway

To sum up the weekend in 3 words: short & sweet. But in a too short but very sweet kind of way.

Lauren & I at her bridal shower

Steph & I know how to get it done

Hooray for new friends (minus the guy who jumped in for the picture)

Enjoying some drinks by the pool

Kelsie (Lauren's sister) & myself during Lauren's gift opening at her Bachelorette party. This is our "THOSE are underwear?!" faces.

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