Friday, August 3, 2012

life lately

This week I spent 3 days volunteering my time with United Way of Cass-Clay. I helped unload, organize, & pack backpacks for their annual School Supply Drive. 

 It was eye opening when I first walked in to the convention room & saw all of the supplies. How great it is that we live in such a giving community yet how troubling it is that there is such a need like this. 

 I met some great people during my time there & was happy that I could help some children in our community go to school prepared & ready to learn!

I took the boys bowling today & met Amber & her nanny kids there. I joked with Nolan that if he beat me he had to walk home. He's lucky that my grandma is a mighty fine bowler & I was given some of her "bowling magic" genes.

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