Monday, March 25, 2013


Another year, another birthday, another grey hair just waiting to be noticed. When you turn 13 you think that you should be able to stay out till the sun comes up, wear the tightest clothes, and listen to music with words that aren’t in the dictionary. Then comes 25. You are either single, in a relationship, married, or don’t really care because you are still finding yourself and growing in to the person you want to become. 

A new candle gets added to our cake each year and we can either cringe and wait for the smoke alarms to go off or we can celebrate. Celebrate that we were given another year to grow and laugh and breathe. We had 365 more days to spend with our families, dip our toes in the sand, get a sunburn on a hot summer day, be in our best friends wedding. 

 Don't forget to laugh and cry in those cherishable moments, soaking each memory in. Embrace another candle, another slice of cake, another year.

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