Sunday, March 17, 2013

sunday funday

When you read that title you probably think my day involved drinking beer or taking shots. Or both. Sadly (or not so sadly) the only things I've drank today are coffee and water. Gettin' crazy up in here!

My day was fun because I did everything I enjoy doing. Aren't those days the best? When you look back and realize you did what you want to do and not what your boss or friends or mom wants you to. In the rush of life we get so caught up with making deadlines that we forget to do the activities that keep us sane. 

I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, and headache. Great. I had a scheduled 10 mile run and the thought of tying up my laces alone made me want to pass out. In Carrie fashion, I made a cup of coffee and went on with my morning. 

As I sat down in the back row, I noticed that everyone around me was either married or with their significant other. Sweet. The music started playing and my thoughts went from "do you have to be in a relationship to go to this church because I am so single it's not even funny" to "sup God. How you doin?". 

Church was followed by that dreaded 10 miler. I met up with Stephanie (small world: met at my apt. gym and found out she is from ND and went to Concordia) and off we went! The park was full of people as the weather was 65, sunny, and every bit of perfect for a Sunday afternoon. I've been having knee problems so between 7-10 miles I wanted to cry and scream and throw a fit and cut my legs off and yeah, you get the picture. 

 Wash Park means Wash Perk. I indulged in coffee and a little dark chocolate because in my head those two things tell me "good job Carrie for finishing your run when you wanted to quit 203980394 times".

I got home and couldn't sit inside with the guilt of the sunshine beating on my skin. Ok, ok, I suppose I'll go bask in the sun for a while...

How am I going to wrap up this post you ask? By showing you my fab multitasking skills of course!

That's right. I can blog AND ice my knee at the same time!

Leave a comment and let me know how your Sunday was!

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  1. I just smiled reading this . . . love you forever!