Wednesday, March 20, 2013

best days of my life

I was in third grade when we drove to the High School for an event. I peered out the bus window, looking at the girls flipping their hair and the boys playing hacky sac like it was going to be an Olympic sport one day. I pictured myself as them; what I was going to wear, how my hair would look, who my friends would be. I couldn’t wait to be at that age where I could go to bed without being told, stay out a little later on the weekends, and drive my own car to the places where I wanted to go. I was eager for those branded “best days of my life.”

I was sure I would have shoulder length hair because that was the style. And scrunchies around my wrist? I'd have three. I would wear my backpack but only have one strap on my shoulder because that was cool and I was going to be cool. I would laugh with my friends as we walked out those school doors, talking about boys and soccer and who was going to be crowned Prom queen. I would drive home with the music turned up too loud and the windows rolled down. I would sneak out and live life on the edge, eating too much ice cream and sleeping in till noon.

The “best days of my life” came and went and so did the scrunchie fad. I stayed out too late most weekends and pierced my belly button without asking my mom. I went to church every Sunday but never paid attention because the only thing on my mind was my crush on the hot senior boy who had no clue I was even walking on this earth. Sure, High School was great and all, but I beg to differ that the rest of my days aren’t going to be the best.

We label things and go along with them because that’s the way we were made. We go with what everyone says instead of forming our own opinion and outlook. Individualism is always a plus yet we always cave in when someone bashes our uniqueness. Our own talents go unnoticed because we are too afraid to use them, scared of putting ourselves out there for others to judge and critique. 

I choose to go against society on this topic. I'm going to celebrate the little things that probably aren't worth celebrating but I'm going to anyways because I’m going to make every day a great day. A solid parallel park, almost perfectly painted nails, a clear blue sky, buying something with the batteries already included, an endorphin-pumping run, a smile from a stranger, picking the perfect nacho off the plate, and my list goes (and will go) on.

Join me. Pick out the smallest of things and throw them a party because I’m convinced that every day is the best day.  

What are you throwing a party for today? 

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