Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half Marathon Hangover

My calves have never been so tight, my left knee feels like it's going to pop out and my right ankle is causing me to walk the opposite of normal. I like to call this feeling the Half Marathon Hangover.

The week leading up to race day was more stress-filled than I would have liked. No matter what time I went to bed, come 6:45am, I was up and making a cup of coffee. My mind would start going, thinking about the race and if my knee cap was going to stay under my skin and if I was going to finish and what kind of beer they would serve at the end.

This run was different in a couple ways...

1. I wasn't in Fargo, ND, running amongst family and friends.
2. HiLls. The whole 13.1 miles. Up and down, up and down.
3. I didn't know a single soul running with me. Although there was "that guy" who would high five every person he passed. This made me smile - I love "that guy".
4. We started in downtown Littleton and finished in downtown Denver. Yeah, that was pretty freakin' cool.
5. I have never gone into a race with an injury so I was very close with my friend Anxiety for the past month.

Accessorized with a stress rash on my arm. How cute!

Foam rolling is quickly becoming second nature to me. Wake up, roll. Eat lunch, roll. Put on my pajamas, roll. 

My race was at 8 and my alarm was set for 6, so when I woke up at 4:30 you can only imagine how happy I was. God must have known I needed to see this kick butt sunrise to make up for it though!

Running hair is tough. If I put it in a ponytail, it flails from side to side and ends up smacking me in the eyes a time or twenty but if I put it in a braid, I feel like I am five years old and going to school. I settled on a Ballerina bun which was anything but stylin' but hey, long hair don't care (I still don't get why people say this but it fit so perfectly here sooooo yeah). 

Awkward family photo minus the family. 


Disclaimer: I did not eat all this food but I did eat half of it and I loved every bite! 

Hydration is key ; )

So thankful that Taylor was there to cheer me on! 

Runners had to take the Light Rail back to Littleton and let me just say that the smell in that thing was anything but pleasant. Although it would make a great plot for a deodorant commercial! 

Hot tub post race was absolute perfection

Now you know how to get a Half Marathon Hangover! Happy running! 

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