Monday, April 15, 2013

The Day

I wake up, anxious for something marvelous to happen to me like being approached with a writing job or a tall man with good morals standing at my door with Starbucks and a smile. But the sun goes down and the covers come up as I say goodnight and wait for tomorrow to be "the day."

This weekend was "the day."

I began to see why I'm here. Why I dusted off INDEPENDENCE and used it to move 900+ miles away from home. I know life isn' meant to be figured out because where is the fun in that? But this weekend, it was like a big wave of "you are where you need to be" came over me and I felt content. I felt recharged and that I could move forward knowing that my feet are placed where they need to be. 

I woke up Saturday morning with a clean slate. I had the whole day to do what I wanted, and so I did. I laced up my *new* shoes and went for a 5 mile run at the park. Can I just say how freeing it is to run when I want and how far I want -- no training schedule to follow! I sat at the coffee shop for a couple hours after, writing for Styled With Strength and catching up on the latest breaking news in the world of Facebook -->insert sarcasm<--.

What next? Go to the mall? Clean my house? Drive to Boulder and go hiking? I'm 24, living in Denver, so why not go hiking and increase my chances of getting killed by a Mountain Lion? It's a crazy thing, being able to "just drive to Boulder and go hiking" simply because I can. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful states and have access to things I never had growing up in the Frozen Tundra. 

I hiked, and hiked, and hiked. The silence was overwhelming yet thought provoking. Ever notice how we hate silence? If you don't believe me, try driving next time without the radio on. We don't like it because it makes us think --- work, family, friends, things we are lacking and things we want. For me, that silence made me think about me. How selfish does that sound, huh? 

I no longer want to wait around for things to happen and why would I want to? It would make no sense for me to not take full advantage of where am I now with what I have. Hello actively waiting! 

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  1. Hey sweet one~ Have you read the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed? I just ordered it and totally thought of you because she was close to your age at the time (22) she did it- google and read about it- it may interest you. She did a show with Oprah yesterday that I caught a few minutes of- and she said she started a "spiritual journey," that was really about a physical journey- and then she realized the two are intermixed. Glad you are actively waiting- and growing and transforming I think too! xxoo