Monday, April 29, 2013

Stripping Down

I was picking apples out at the grocery store when an older woman told me I have beautiful hair. I smiled, said thank you, and bit my tongue before telling her that I hadn't showered for the day. I continued on, weaving my cart in and out of the zoo that takes place while shopping on a Saturday morning.

Not only was my hair unwashed and makeup left at home, my outfit looked like a walking scrapbook - flip flops from high school, soccer shorts from junior high, and t-shirt from a race I ran in college. 

Some people would never leave the house without their hair curled and MAC makeup on, while I'm all out and about looking

No one is 100% accepting of their body and image. We all have things we wish we could change but some of those things are just who we are. The things you might hate about yourself are the things that others wish they had. Hate your curly hair? The girl with straight hair would switch with you in a flash. 

Being envious of others is natural but it's a beautiful thing to be able to say you are content with who you are. It's a challenge but one I think every person, male or female, should take up. On the flip side - give compliments. The world needs to hear more positive words being spoken by the people that grace it. 

Accept yourself. Love what you have and work with it. Dress up when you want to but know when to tone it down. Give your skin and hair a break once in a while. Throw on sneakers instead of flats. Put your hair in pony. Wear a sweatshirt that is 3 sizes too big. 

But always, always, always...wear deodorant. 

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