Sunday, November 3, 2013


We rationalize buying a $250.00 North Face jacket because it will keep us warmer than that other jacket that looks identical but costs half has much and sipping a cup of coffee from Starbucks because let’s be honest, it’s just better than that stuff we make at home.  We put a SOLD sign in our front yard to move somewhere bigger and better, only to fill up those four walls with belongings we don’t need or use.  We get our nails done every two weeks because we swear that’s what everyone judges us on and we put gasoline in cars that we can’t afford and will mean absolutely nothing to us when we pass. 

This weekend I was reminded of all the free memberships I own.  The memberships that encompass everything that happiness includes and so, so much more.  Church?  It's like clicking "restart", cleaning up the messy parts of your life and setting the mood for the week ahead.  The outdoors?  They are there to remind you to slow down, look around, and soak in the beauty and crisp air that is around you.  

Surround yourself with friendships that don't need to be held together by taking shots downtown and instead take a walk outside around the neighborhood.  Take a break from retail therapy and try a different kind of relaxation, whether it be a long, hot bath with candles or writing alongside the sounds of John Mayer.  

What do you have free memberships for that you have forgotten about? 

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