Monday, June 9, 2014

Fill Me Up

My Monday work schedule changed which left the afternoon wide open. I had already checked off most everything on my list of things to get done so what's a girl to do when it's sunny and 70? Jump in the car and have no clue the final destination of course!

Normally when I go to a new place in Colorado, I use my phone to assist with getting me there, but this time I legit just buckled up and started driving west, surely knowing I would hit some beauty as I was getting closer to the mountains.

First stop: Golden.

I drove through downtown until these flowers caught my eye...

You can't make this stuff up, folks. 

After twenty minutes of walking the trail along the river, I hopped back in the car (again having not a single clue where I was going) and behold stopping point #2...

Mountain selfie because I was by my-selfie!

I thought I was acclimated to the altitude until I was ten minutes into my hike and was out of breath. I decided to hit the road and find one more spot to stop at before heading home. Stop #3 was a hike that is on the way to Red Rocks Amphitheater that I've driven by a handful of times but never stopped to explore.

This place always strikes me with awe when I least expect it but very much need it. Oh Colorado, how I am so thankful for the things you fill me up with; happiness, blessings, and the reminders that I'm exactly where I should and want and need to be!

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