Monday, June 16, 2014

How Did the Camel Loose One Hump?

Before I tell you how yesterday was *thee worst run of my entire life, here is a look at week 4 workouts:

Monday - Bodypump

Tuesday - 6 mile run

Wednesday - 3 mile run

Thursday - 3 mile run

Friday - Pilates

Saturday - 6 mile run 

Sunday - 11 mile run 

When my dad was here a couple weeks ago, we made a trip to Runners Roost as I had been eyeing the Camelbak Arc Series Run Belt. My runner friends have raved about it so I figured if I was going to do this Marathon training thing the smart way, I might as well stay hydrated along the way!

I run in the morning (hello pretty sunrise errday!) so I never feel the need to use my belt since temps never pass 65 degrees when I'm out, but yesterday I decided to give it a try and form my own consensus. Which was that I….HATED IT. 

The entire first mile was spent adjusting the belt as I was huffing and puffing and swearing as to why the dang thing wasn't staying in place. Then, not only one but both water bottles flung out and landed smack in the center of a mud pile. Lovely. By mid-run the belt had found a comfortable place around my waist and no longer was riding up or falling down. Then the dreaded "my legs feel like a million pounds" feeling set in and to be quite honest, I got frustrated and the negative thoughts flowed in my head like a crashing river dam. 

When this happens I try everything to flip the switch and cheer myself on. I repeat quotes, I think about why I'm training and I've gotten pretty spectacular at counting by three's. Just like that I had reached mile 9 - hallelujah! -  and I reached for a swig of water. Slight problem…one of the water bottles was gone! Oy! 

In conclusion, I'm returning the belt. Not only because I have one missing "hump" from the Camelback, but I felt like I growing two small growths on either side of my body and I just wasn't comfortable.

Back to the drawing board of how I can stay hydrated - what do you recommend? 

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