Monday, June 2, 2014

Go-To Grub & Week 2 Workouts

Marathon Training Week 2

Monday - Bolder Boulder 10K Race

Tuesday - Step & Strength, 3 mile run

Wednesday - 5 mile run

Thursday - 3 mile run

Friday - rest

Saturday - 5 mile run

Sunday - 9 mile run, 3 mile walk

My dad came to visit this weekend so joined me on Saturday morning for a run around the park. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and although I beat him in time and mileage, it's clear that he beat me in sweat! 

While most of my runs are in the morning and breakfast follows soon after, there are days where I wait until the afternoon to run which means I need a snack after to refuel and hold me over until dinner. My current go-to grub is one serving of almonds, an apple, and a big cup of ice cold H2O. 

P.S. What is your go-to grub after a workout?

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