Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Series of Fortunate Events

There is nothing I love more than when friends come to visit and I get to show off where I live. I take them to coffee shops other than Starbucks, watch them take pictures of mountains instead of plains, and listen to them rave over sights downtown and the neighborhood bar that was the setting for a night of karaoke and belly laughs.

Pat and I have known each other since Elementary School and when he asked if he could come visit for a weekend, I immediately started scoping out things for us to do. Looking back at the last few days, I think I did an ok job of hosting! 

Friday Night

We went to the corner bar for dinner, drinks, and karaoke. After 18 weeks of marathon training, it felt SO GOOD to let loose and act like I was in college again. Although unlike college, we didn't even make it until bar close and were home by 12:30. #old 


Leave it to a guy from MN and a girl from TN to kill it singing "Gangsta's Paradise" - crowd pleasers for sure. 


The weather couldn't have been more perfect all weekend. Pat and I went for a run in the morning and stopped to walk through the Farmer's Market on the way back home. The perks of living in the city just keep adding up! 

Next was a little road trip to Mount Evans in Idaho Springs, CO. Lately, my Facebook has been flooded with pictures of beautiful mountains covered in trees whose leaves are sprinkled with oranges and yellows, so I couldn't wait to see all the beauty for myself.

Oh Colorado, you never disappoint me! 

 My two worlds coming together - a lake and mountains. #bliss


We had planned to go to the Avalanche hockey game only to get downtown and find out the tickets that we thought were $20…were $50. We both decided that it wasn't worth it (being pre-season and all), so we walked around Union Station and ended the night at a Sports Bar to watch…wait for it…sports! Our friend Nick, from home, joined us and it was a fun night with "the boys"!

Had to have some proof that we attempted to go to the game!

P.S. Who are my next visitors? 

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