Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dear Twenty-Something Self // part three

In the third and final part of this series, I have Patty and Jen sharing how they would answer to the question:

What would you tell your twenty-something self?

Don’t let what others say about you define who you are.  The world is full of opinions and as a young person the challenge is to learn what to do with the opinions and judgements that come your way.  Ask yourself if they are true and if they are not, let them go.  Don't let them have power over you or define who you are.  Laugh at yourself and embrace the gift of imperfection!   There is such freedom in not needing to be perfect, and laughter helps heal those not-so-perfect moments.

                                                         - Patty
* * *

Life gets better with each year. Let go of the things that aren't serving you. Walk with Jesus, develop your relationship and trust Him. Freedom comes in letting go. What I can tell you is that in trusted community, prayer and enjoying the bible, you will find the answers and direction you seek. God is your father, your protector, your healer and your provider. Explore your relationship with Him, just as you would with any person you'd like to draw near to. The desire He's planted in your heart will grow with joy and laughter All you need to do is let go and follow Him.

                                                      - Jen

A big THANK YOU to all six women who contributed to these posts! In case you missed the first two parts…here you go! 

P. S. Let's open the discussion, shall we? What would YOU tell your twenty-something self? Comment below!

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