Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nailed It

There are 3 things that must never be ignored - my nails, my skin, and my coffee game. When these are left unattended, you may want to think twice about hanging out with me. Slightly joking, slightly not. Thanks to the dry climate here in Colorado, my skin likes to do the same. No matter how much or what kind of lotion I put on, nothing helps restore my skin to it's original, silky-smooth, "babies bottom" like state.

But wait for it….I've found something that isn't lotion!

With the sun out and the temperatures up, wearing flip-flops is a no brainer when it comes to getting dressed each morning. What else is a no brainer? Using the Emjoi Micro-Pedi to make sure my feet are ready to be seen in those flip-flops!

The Micro-Pedi is small, light-weight, and the step-by-step instructions that come with it are easy to follow. When in use, it was 100% painless and did an A+ job of removing my tough, dry, and cracked skin - especially on my heels! 

While the appearance of my feet didn't necessarily look any different (which was a slight bummer), it's been over a week since I used the Micro-Pedi and my skin still feels soft. I'm now officially ready to free my feet from the winter shoe blues and head to the lake - barefoot and all!  

Disclaimer: While this post is sponsored by Emjoi, I am not receiving any compensation for orders placed with Emjoi. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I couldn't leave my feet looking pretty and pay no attention to my nails, so I bought the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel at Target. I've read about this polish on various blogs as well as seen Instagram accounts that rave over this stuff.

All you need is the polish color (variety of shades to choose from) and the Top Coat. Two coats of each and you will have people fooled that you didn't spend $40 or 40 minutes at the salon getting them done. My favorite little bonus about this stuff? You can remove it with regular nail polish remover! I always hate getting my nails done and having to either pay to get them taken off or attempt to take them off myself, which ends up leaving my nails weak, rough, and just plain awful looking. 

If you are looking for a gel manicure that you can do at home and still have it last around 2 weeks, Sally is your go-to girl! She done nailed it, folks!

P.S. Do you have a nail and skin routine that you follow? Comment below!


  1. This is just reminding me how badly I need a pedicure. Thanks for linking up!

    1. It reminded me that I needed one, too! Do it up, girl!

  2. I am happy to say I'm getting a mani and pedi today! Much needed! :) TGIF, Carrie!