Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Playing Favorites

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The Wheels on The:"We are like the wheels on the bottom of the suitcases that are rolling past me. We are moving, having no control of where we are going or where our final destination may be. The wheels on those suitcases are being moved by a person with higher power and like them, so are we."

Best Days of My Life:"Join me. Pick out the smallest of things and throw them a party because I’m convinced that every day is the best day."

When Life Gives You:What do you do when life gives you these things?

Miss Forgetful:"Because today I forgot that no matter how bad I want something and don't get it, there's a reason. No matter how many questions I have in my head, they will slowly get answered. And that no matter how lost I may think I am? I'm not. Plus, what ride is memorable without a few bumps?"

Never Listen To Yourself:"How often do we tell ourselves that we can't do something and days or weeks or even years later we do that something? We set our own boundaries around certain things because we are too scared to see what's on the other side. We are comfortable and perfectly fine where we are but know deep down we would love to just peek over that ledge."

Carrie With a C:The love story of my grandparents and how waiting for authentic love is above all else. 

Free.99:I bet you didn't know you had memberships to all these places. Best part? They are free! 

Best Hangover:"It's a hangover from a day and night that was filled with friends who opened their home, conversations with strangers that left me comforted, and food that tested my portion control self-control." 

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