Monday, June 4, 2012

makin' a list: week 1

After reading Kelle Hampton's blog, I was inspired to construct my own mini bucket list. Whenever people have asked what is on my bucket list, I always found myself saying the typical, cliche things like skydiving, going to Paris, running a marathon. While these are all things that are do-able, they are not all do-able right now.

As mentioned in previous posts, I keep focusing on the future. Yet sometimes the future seems so far away, that I lose focus of the present. What is going Where I will Who I will What I will What I will

Presenting, drum roll mini bucket list for WEEK 1

1. Do something out of the ordinary.
2. Notice & embrace the color yellow.
3. Splurge.
4. Lend a hand.
5. Go for a run in a new neighborhood.

What will your mini bucket list be this week?

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