Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Favorite: Avocados

I was fed a pretty "plain Jane" diet growing up. Meat and potatoes, spaghetti, turkey sandwiches and cheese pizza were on my plate and on repeat. This in no way is a bash at my parents as I had a home cooked meal while sitting at the dinner table every single night, no matter if the entire family was home or if it was just my mom and I.

There are a handful of dishes and foods that I have tried since moving out of my parents house and I will never forget the first time I bought Quinoa – I felt like a wannabe hipster who had no clue how to cook or pronounce the stuff. Fast forward to present day and I now know how to prepare it and say the superfood correctly.

Speaking of mispronunciation, would you believe me if I told you I thought the g in guacamole was silent, making it “walk-amole”? Well you should because it’s true (and embarrassing). Side note: I swear I wasn’t sheltered as a child if that’s where your fingers are pointing.

My most recent food discovery that I don’t know how I lived without is avocados. If I ordered a salad at a restaurant, I would “hold the avocados” because I feared that I would take one bite only to spit it out. It was one of those things that I had never tried but swore I wouldn’t like. Boy was I wrong.

I slice up an avocado and add atop my egg whites for breakfast and add chunks to my salads for lunch and/or dinner. Mm, mm, AMAZING.

P.S. What is one food you tried and loved that you didn't grow up eating? 

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