Wednesday, April 23, 2014

He Was There

After receiving some less than stellar news on Friday, I was thankful that my weekend was going to be busy and able to push my emotions to the back burner. It seems, though, that whenever one thing goes poorly it stews up every little worry in my head and makes them seem like earth-shattering events.

One positive thing about being down is that you always can count on your friends to pick you back up. Let’s take a look at how my weekend played out and how a friend wasn't the only person that played a role in it.


1.     I was a hot mess after work but had to keep it together until after my lab appointment where I had to get my Potassium level tested. The nurse came in and looked more like a high school student covered with tattoos than a medical professional. She didn’t say one word to me as she tied up my arm, took my blood, and wrapped it with a band-aid. I felt awkward and uncomfortable and thought more than once that she could potentially beat me up if we “took it outside”. As she finished, she gave me the biggest smile and told me to have a great weekend and a blessed Easter. At that moment, I heard God.

2.     I threw on my running gear and set out for my long run for the week. After that “less than stellar news” I got earlier, I couldn’t wait to run hard, run far, and run long. The sun was beaming and the temp was warm, making it a challenge to stay cool but hey, my winter skin needed some color so couldn’t complain too much. After the 2nd mile I thought there was no way in heck I was going to run 8 more and when I returned back to my front door and looked at my phone saying I had ran 10.5 miles, I felt like a new person. It’s mind-blowing that a week ago I could barely walk on my foot and now I’m running pain-free. Maybe it’s a stretch or maybe I’m dead on, but God knew I was going to need running and for that, He healed me.

3.     I met my friend Michelle for dinner at our favorite Denver restaurant. We talked in between bites of pizza and sips of wine. As we debriefed about the crummy couple days we had both had, I left feeling more “me” again and reminded how time with close friends is a guaranteed mood changer…for the better. That, right there, is when I felt God.


1.     Michelle and I arrived at a church minutes from downtown Denver around 9:30. We were volunteering with a group from our church and taking part in Extreme Community Makeover. Our project for the day was to clean alleys in a nearby neighborhood. There are really no other words to describe these alleys other than dirty, filthy, disgusting, and heartbreaking. The amount of garbage that was tangled up in weeds and overflowing from the dumpsters was jaw dropping and eye opening; I felt like I had been plucked from Colorado and dropped in Mexico. When the sweat was dripping from my brow and my arms were growing tired of digging and raking, I lifted my head to see a gentleman whose backyard we were cleaning up approach our group with a handful of water bottles. Through his actions and his way of giving thanks, I knew God was there.

2.     As a “thank you” for volunteering we were given tickets to the Rockies game. Michelle and I met some girls for drinks before heading to the stadium. The weather was cool and rainy but the company was refreshing and perfect. As I sat and looked at the mountains in the background and laughed with the people around me whom I had just met that day, I was reminded that I’m exactly where I need to be and I have God to thank for leading me here. 


1. COFFEE HAS RISEN! IT HAS RISEN INDEED! First stop: Starbucks. With a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte in hand, dress on my body and heels on my feet, it was off to church we went! We arrived early to save seats for everyone and with that extra time we decided to fill up on more coffee (I wish I was kidding). As soon as the music started, I knew I wasn’t going to leave that building with a dry eye. The week had been full of personal “tests” and the service itself was sacred, important, and overwhelmingly special in the heart of any Christian. After the teaching I bowed my head, spilling my thoughts through prayer and accompanying it with tears. I felt a touch on my shoulder as my roommate, Anna, leaned in for a hug. More tears. Then from the other side, another hug from my roommate, Taylor. More tears. God was there in those moments, in those hugs, in every part of my weekend.

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  1. You are simply amazing Carrie! I'm lucky to be able to call you my friend. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon!