Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Want to Remember

It’s one of those type and backspace kinds of days. The emotions I’m feeling and the way I want to portray them to you are not lining up like one would like. I want to talk about blossoming friendships and my recent obsession for avocados, how I love Red Rocks Tea at the local coffee shop and why reading a book before bed is a million times better than sitting in front of the TV or my iPhone.

When I begin typing yet the only thing coming out is words that make no sense, I want to remember that. I want to be reminded that, like trying to form an intelligent sentence, we are never going to have a handful of days in a row where point A and point B connect.

There will be cloudy days to remind us to play in the sunny ones. Our car will break down to remind us that we are fortunate enough to have one. A friend will buy us a drink to remind us to celebrate the important moments, big or small. The neighbor next door will complain about the leaves in our yard to remind us that we have a roof over our head.

There will be writer's block and frustration to remind me that writing is never easy, never a given, and never limiting in terms of growth and topics and viewpoints. 

P.S. What are you remembering today? 

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