Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Am 16 Going On 17 :: 16/18

I feel like I'm a mix of being a broken record paired with a nagging 5 year old saying "are we there yet?" in regards to this marathon. Alas, another week of training is behind me and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in two weeks I will be crossing the finish line at my first (and potentially) last marathon! 

With Monday being Labor Day, Mel and I sat poolside until one of us…ahem…me..decided we needed to have a little fun on our day off. So we did what any mature and responsible young women would do and bought baby size cans of Coors Light because again, mature and responsible. 

I need to have some random and spontaneous fun to stay sane because it seems as all I do is work, train, sleep, r e p e a t. 

Monday - lift (chest & triceps), 30 min. bike

Tuesday - lift (back & biceps), 5 mile run 

Wednesday - lift (legs), 6 mile run  

Thursday - lift (shoulders & abs), 5 mile run

Friday - 4.5 mile walk

Saturday - 4 mile run 

Sunday - 12 mile run

I'm off to church with the lady friends! Enjoy your Sunday! Xo

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