Friday, September 5, 2014

Running With Wolves

I’m not one to make excuses and generally roll my eyes when others do, but this week I found myself pulling every excuse in the book. I’m tired. My body needs rest. My legs feel tight. It’s raining. It’s below 70 degrees. My ponytail doesn’t feel right. Ok, that last one didn’t happen but I was searching for any reason to not crawl in bed at 7pm.

I picked up K from school and she asked if I was going to run, as she wanted to ride her bike next to me. I told her no as my legs were sore from lifting/running and I thought it was best to give them a rest. “Carrie! You just gotta push through!” she said. I smiled, laughed, and turned up Radio Disney even louder because T Swift was telling me to Shake It Off. Side Note: I despise T Swift but can tolerate that song 100%. Another Side Note: my world is going to come to a pause when my free XM Radio goes bye-bye.

Thanks to a cup of coffee at 5pm, I was feeling awake and antsy and decided I wanted to run when I got home. I asked K for motivation as I was well aware my caffeine fix could walk out the door at any given second, making the list of excuses grow exponentially.

You can take a warm shower after.
Just think of all the geese poop you could step in!*The park by my house is infamous for a freakishly high number of geese and with that comes their “baggage” if you will.
You could call me after and I will congratulate you.
Just think of the beautiful views you will see!
Run for those who can’t.
The sooner you run, the faster you’re done.

S O L D. I had one of the BEST runs I've had in weeks. If you want to run at a faster pace than normal and feel like you're being chased by a pack of wolves, I suggest running against the clock as the night sky is only getting darker and the rain is only hitting you harder. 

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y!

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