Friday, September 12, 2014

Realities of Living Away From Home

1. You will be struck with being homesick roughly once a week. 

2. The meals that you absolutely hated as a kid suddenly sound like a 5-star meal. 

3. You wish you would have paid more attention when your dad was showing you how to change a tire.

4. What's insurance? 

5. When you're sick, you're the one making chicken noodle soup for yourself.

6. Your family will think they are making you feel included by texting/calling you while they are together, but news flash: it doesn't. Get use to it. 

7. FaceTime will become your life-line. 

8. Your bank account actually means something to you. 

9. The level of excitement you reach when you are heading home to visit is incomparable to anything you have ever felt. 

10. You think you have seen and done it all until you move away and realize your hometown is just a small dot on a map full of other small dots. 

11. You are forced to grow up, mature, figure things out on your own - both good and bad - and at the end of the day, you've added some pretty great traits to your personal character resume. 

12. It's true. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and you will begin to start thanking your mom for showing you how to sew loose buttons, your dad for teaching you about finances, and your brothers for shaping you into a woman that exudes confidence, strength, and a bank of good comeback lines. 

13. Friendships take on a whole new meaning. They are more than your shopping partners and the faces in your Instagram pictures; they are your second family. You would do anything for one another no matter what time of day, no matter what circumstances, no matter if it means putting yourself second. 

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  1. Carrie,

    I marvel at the level of wisdom you have garnered! Wow. I can say a hearty "amen," to each of these. Such a great perspective you have!

    Surprisingly for us, too, was how "fresh" and "new" everything here felt after our return years later, as we rediscovered our old loves all over again.

    Your photo is beautiful- enjoy! Hugs to you!