Saturday, April 7, 2012

at the cross

Finally. A place I feel as though they are speaking to me, not just at me. A place where my mind doesn't wander off, I don't keep checking the clock, & I don't doodle on the handouts.

  The music. Ahh, the music. My sister-in-law has a voice that sends goosebumps all over & makes me wish she could sing me to sleep every night. We all know that Easter is a time of remembrance and celebration. A time to reflect on all that He sacrificed for us, took for us, & in the end (or the beginning), died for us. He took our extra baggage with him. Our fear, lust, jealousy, envy, debt, everything.

With everything you do in life, do it at the cross. Start & end, at the cross. Bring your worries, doubts, questions, prayers, excitement, everything. He brought it all there & we should too. 

There was a rather large cross on stage. I'd say at least 15 feet high. As the pastor was wrapping up his message, he told us to come to the cross and walk through it. "Take your time, think about what He was feeling, bring your baggage & walk through the cross." I thought that maybe a couple people would go up, give or take 5. As the music quietly started to play, a little boy was the first to walk up. As I was holding Kendall (because she liked me more than her dad last point Aunt Carrie!), I got up & started walking towards the front. As I looked around, I could see the whole church get up from their seats & head towards the cross. 

It was a feeling of calmness that came over me. A feeling of comfort knowing that I am in a place where we are all celebrating this sad yet beautiful thing together. One by one, people walked through the cross. It was silent, the only sound was that of music. 

It was our turn. With Kendall's head on my shoulder, we stood at the cross. "Thank you Jesus" I whispered in her ear, & we walked through. 


  1. This post gave me goosebumps. I watched you and Kendall as you walked through...someday Kendall will know the significance of that cross and will choose to follow the man who died on it for herself. And then, maybe she'll come and sing next to me :)

  2. Here's a tangent, but the comment verification for me to post the above comment was "giant topless". Inappropriate much? lol