Monday, April 2, 2012

my story

We all wish for better things. We wish we had a bigger house, a nicer car, more clothes, straight hair, curly hair, a husband that looks like Brad Pitt. For some of us, these wishes can come true, but for others, these wishes are just that, wishes. 

My wish? To simply feel better about myself. To stop picking out every dang imperfection & to come to terms with how I look. I'm not a magician, I can't just point a wand at my arms and make them stop jiggling...forever. But what I can do is pay more attention to what is actually going in my body, control how much sleep I'm getting, & track how many days I make it to the gym each week. So I did

This is where my story of feeling better about myself starts. I didn't start really focusing on my health until I moved back home after graduation. I started by making simple swaps. For example, instead of a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast, I would have wheat toast with Almond Butter. Instead of having a Coke once a day, I would have one every couple days, and continually keep cutting back (I now have one every couple weeks). I began reading more articles, finding more healthy recipes, & running 5 days a week. The pounds slowly started coming off but I had hit a plateau. Mentally, I was not feeling any better about myself. 

My sister-in-law introduced me to the Herbalife shakes, teas, & aloe. I was skeptic at first. Very skeptic. How can this be healthy for you? Why don't we just eat healthy food? There is no way this is going to keep me full! After my first shake, I was sold. 

I have now been doing Herbalife for almost 3 months, eating the most healthy I have ever been for breakfast, snacks, & dinner (I usually do the shakes for lunch), & working out 6 days a week (training for the half-marathon in May). I have lost 10 pounds since December, my clothes are fitting again (some even too big!), & I overall feel so much better!

< --- Before                                               Now --- >

I am oh so very happy to announce that I am now a Herbalife distributor! I look forward to helping my friends & family start their Herbalife story. 

If you want to start using this amazing product or simply want to learn more about it, contact me at: or through Facebook

Head on over to the Herbalife website to read about our products!


  1. Hey Carrie,
    You look amazing. Congratulations!!! I will look up this product as I'm tryng to eat healthier too. Just bought a vitamix so am having green smoothies mostevery day for breakfast.
    Aunt Terri

  2. Thank you, Aunt Terri! I would LOVE to send you more information about Herbalife. I am just waiting to get my kit in the mail which will help me become more knowledgeable and will help me help you get a better understanding of what it is!