Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my getaway

Long story short, I needed to get away. 

After finishing my morning run, I grabbed my "lake essentials": swim suit, magazines, & a book. 

& I set out on the open road. Windows down, sunroof open, & music up. Way up. So up to the point where I couldn't hear myself think. Which today, is a good thing. 

I arrived at the cabin & set up camp. 2 chairs for sunbathing, my water for constant sipping, magazines & a book for reading, & my iPhone for music.

Count your blessings I thought to myself as I took it all in. That is, until I heard men talking & tools working...

The neighbors were getting a new roof. A minor set back, sure, & I would be lying if I said it wasn't a little distracting. I somehow managed to zone out the noise of hammering & zone in the sounds of the lake (& the music of "Today's Hits" from my phone. Pandora, you are a life savor). 

After reading through my magazines & starting a new book, The Happiness Project, I swung my camera over my shoulder, set out on a walk, & snapped away.

Did I already say it was much needed "me" time? If it wasn't for my self-awareness I don't know where my head would be today. I knew I had to get away & knew where I needed to go in order to make my day worthwhile.

Thank you, Blanche Lake, for your hospitality (& free therapy session) today.

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