Monday, July 16, 2012

make a wish

When your life intertwines with those of the unexpected, you have to believe that there is a reason. A sort of "calling" for those people that you can't really explain how or why they are in your path, but boy are you glad they are. 

That's where Vicky comes in. On paper, we have little in common. While she is married with children, I am clearly the opposite. In reality though, we click. We both share a love for writing & photography, & while we blog about less than spectacular days, we enjoy sharing words that inspire & recharge others. Vicky has taught me to have patience & go forth with any dreams that are stirring around in my head. I look up to her for her sense of comfort, gratitude, positive attitude, & that ever present smile on her face.

Today is her birthday & she has so much to celebrate. She recieved news last week that her brain tumor is shrinking. YEAH! While I know she doesn't always like being the center of attention, sorry girlfriend, today is ALL about YOU!

If you haven't started reading Vicky's blog, I suggest you start!

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