Friday, October 26, 2012

The time I almost bought a Christmas tree in October

I woke up the other morning to this: 

I immediately wanted to go out and buy a Christmas tree, hang up the stockings, and pop some cookies in the oven, but my dream was quickly squashed as I looked at my phone and saw it was October 24th. Be patient, young grasshopper. 

I had already planned a run at the park that day and thought "if I bundle up, I'll be fine." I put together the most hideous combination of warm clothes and said a prayer in the car that Stacey and Clinton would be far, FAR away from Denver that morning. Throw on an oversized sweatshirt here and slip on the ugliest hat ever there and you have a hot looking mess of a runner. 

Side note: I DO wear my seat belt! I took this picture just before getting out of the car. 

My 7.5 mile planned run quickly, and do I mean quickly, turned in to a freezing 2.5 miles. I thought North Face gloves were suppose to keep your fingers warm, not just leave you thinking "do I even have fingers anymore?". 

It probably was no help that I didn't wear clothes that covered my legs either. Get it together, Carrie. 

I will never understand the things we think are picture worthy. Water? Trees? Snow? I guess I frankly don't care because hiiiii, this picture is pretty. 

Look! It's like I never left! 

Ok, sleepy time for this girl. 

Have a great weekend readers!

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