Saturday, October 6, 2012


A picture walk of my week: writing, snowflakes, & ballet

My friend Amber asked if I would shoot at her wedding (to capture images alongside the professional photographer) next summer. This means move over books, my camera (of which I bought almost a year ago) manual is moving in. 

Blog writing necessities: coffee, candles, laptop, & my notes.

First snowfall.

Tweet, tweet. Follow my work on Twitter: @TeamSpeedUSA. The girl who handles our Social Media is pretty legit. Or so I've heard. 

Isn't nature crazy beautiful?

I have learned my lesson of keeping the toilet lid down while getting ready as this is what can happen when it's up. Chick problems.

Chilly morning laziness.

Best purchase of my week: Mumford & Sons CD.

Channeled my inner ballerina on Wednesday.

Sweater weather, nothing better. 

Conquered downtown Friday night with my lovelies.

Side note: Sydnee (middle) has recently started working at Team Speed (my work) & I can't say enough about this girl. So grateful we both moved to Denver & even more grateful for the friendship that we have formed. 

Stopped to take a quick picture beneath the lights.

Side note: I met Ashley the week after I moved here. Again, grateful for another friendship that has made me feel right at home. 

Reason #57 of why I love this city. 

If Sydnee isn't a rockstar as is, she shows up at work this morning with Starbucks. Which, if you didn't know, makes working on 4 hours of sleep so much easier. 

This little package showed up minutes ago from Carli. A book, highlighter, bookmark, & card. Pinch me as I think my life is too good, too blessed, too perfect to be true.


My girl Carli and I are starting an email group! We will be distributing weekly emails to help motivate everyone to live fit, happy and healthy lives! And we don’t just mean in the Gym or Kitchen! No - we believe that for one to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle it goes deeper than Cardio and Carrots! You will receive everything from Daily Devotionals, to Healthy Recipes, to Motivational Quotes that are sure to get your butt off the couch and to the gym!

Our hope is to create a community of woman who will lift one another up to bigger, better, and healthier things! 

If you’re (or know anyone who is) interested, please FB message or email us your email address at by Sunday, October 7th! The first email will be sent out on Monday morning.


  1. Love your blog. I think I tell you that weekly! I love seeing your much you're enjoying Denver. It's so comforting to hear about other people taking a risk and moving out of their comfort zone! :)

  2. Thank you! It's amazing what we can do & learn when we make a couple changes to our surroundings & routines!