Saturday, October 13, 2012


A picture walk of my week: dreams, curling irons, & candy

When you wake up each morning overwhelmed with happiness because you are taking risks and reaching for your dream, nothing can bring your mood down. Not even your blow dryer callin' it quits half way through it's job. Sigh. If you have not yet signed up for Styled With Strength and want to join in on this party we are having, email us at :

& you wonder why I love running at the park 

The number of times I have walked in my room & jumped thinking this is a person is embarrassing. This week the number increased by 2

Worked out 5 days and was happy 5 days. Funny how that happens...

It was a chilly day on Wednesday which was the perfect setting for a lit candle, a warm bed, & my laptop to write (or type?) on (or with?)

Jillian Michaels sure knows how to make 30 minutes seem like an eternity


Blessed to have a job that allows me to use this guy more

Because sometimes you just need to curl your hair for the heck of it

Long runs keep me sane, clear my head, & make me sore. Perfect trifecta?

Afternoon snack (every afternoon). Not sure if it is keeping the doctor away but I'll keep testing it out

Shout out to Ms. George for getting up and at em this week!

 Oh darn! You mean on my flight home I have no one to ask me useless things that we both know we don't really care about?

 Last night as I was waiting to board my plane, all I could think was, "Sir, why is that on your finger?" Eye candy it was. Another sigh.

A more thought provoking, heart wrenching, tear jerking post coming in a couple days. Ok, so maybe just the first of those three. 

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